Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Emperor has no Clothes

How does one process the 2016 US Presidential Election? For those that saw Donald Trump for the narcissistic, misogynistic, racist, thin-skinned bully he is, the fact that he is the President of the United States is logic defying.

Those that supported Donald Trump were somehow willfully blind to the fact that there is not one single redeeming personality trait or feature to that man. There is no THERE there. When you listen to and read the logic Trump supporters use to justify their support, you realize that each supporter has manufactured their own idealized version of Trump. An idealized version that quite frankly, does not exist.

His platform for all intents and purposes also did not exist. There was no plan, no details, no path forward. Just vague empty promises. And that was when he wasn't mangling English like a 2 yr old with a birthday cake. Honestly, how anyone interpreted the word spew his speeches were is beyond my ken. The one consistent theme was, your problems weren't your own fault, they were someone else's. And from that single slender thread, his entire campaign hung.

And yet, despite the total vacuum of a plan, and maybe because of it, people poured in their own ideas for how Donald Trump would make their dreams reality. Donald Trump somehow ran a campaign with a blank slate, and people filled it in for him. And people voted for what they thought he would do.

But the problem for those supporters is, Donald Trump did not read what they wrote. Even David Duke of the KKK is projecting and trumpeting? his own idealized version of Trump. These people are in for some major disappointment. The man without a plan is not going to follow yours, even if you ask nicely. He's going to wing the whole damned thing and make it up as he goes along.

It's a fools errand to try and figure out what Trump's presidency will accomplish over the next 4 years. Our ability to predict that future is as opaque as his campaign. All we have to work on is the personality he's shown us through this campaign and in his previous public life. That is the one thing that has been constant.

Oh USA. You and the rest of us are sooo screwed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for expressing the u derlying issue I have had in talking to his supporters. I haven't seen it expressed anywhere. All I see is whitewash and misogyny which were for sure factors but minor ones at best.

Ken Breadner said...

Trump is a figurehead.
The Republican machine will realize, once it gets over its collective shock, that it won HUGE. And the people around Trump will do the actual running of the government. They'll do it in ways I really, really don't like. You better hope Trump doesn't get bored...or sulk off...and quit, because...well, Trump is just empty, like you said. Pence is *evil*.