Saturday, 12 November 2016

Yes, as a Matter of Fact, I do Blame You!

The problem created by the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America, is not the fault of the Electoral College, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, the Democrats or Jon Stewart.
It is the fault of the electorate.

It is not the fault of neo-liberalism, political correctness or the news media.
It is the fault of the electorate.

Yes Hillary Clinton received a larger share of the vote. In an alternate system where that matters, she would have won. But we don’t have that alternate system, and that alternate system does not solve the problem. The problem is the electorate that voted for Donald Trump.

47% of the votes cast (as counted so far) are for Donald Trump. 47% is a lot closer to 50% than it is to 0%. And 0% is where that tally should be. In a rational, perfect democracy, Donald Trump’s vote share should be below Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Donald Trump is the most manifestly unfit candidate for president that the US has ever seen.

Yes, a lot of people distrusted Hillary Clinton. Fine then, Hillary Clinton is the Coors Light of alcohol. Donald Trump is a bottle of antifreeze. Hillary Clinton is a loaf of moldy bread; Donald Trump is a bucket of rusty nails. The electorate chose to drink the antifreeze and eat the bucket of nails.

That is a problem. That is a major problem. The threat that Donald Trump now poses to the health and safety of every American, and quite possibly the rest of the world is real. Donald Trump only wants to be president because it brings him glory. He wants the crown, but none of the responsibilities. Combine that with his casual racism, bigotry, misogyny, bullying, narcissism and every other negative personality trait and we have the world’s the most volatile mixture in one person, set to go off at any time. He now has the most powerful office in the world and is surrounded with worshipful toadies with their own agendas and questionable personalities. How is that not a disaster of unprecedented proportions, waiting to go off?

And 47% of the people that voted did not recognize that threat. The 43% of the electorate that did not vote, did not recognize that threat. That is the cause that resulted in the problem of President Donald Trump.
Yes people had concerns and worries. Yes they weighed and measured other factors. None of those factors, absolutely none of them, outweighed the simple fact that Donald Trump is unfit for office. Is even unfit to run a Kwik-E-Mart in the fictional Simpson’s universe.

If we want to solve the Donald Trumps of the future, we have to solve the problem of a dangerously uninformed electorate. Start there. If we are going to rely on the wisdom of the crowd to pick our leaders, we better make sure that the crowd is wise enough to begin with.


Ken Breadner said...

Problem being...the people on the rightward end of the spectrum and the redward end of the nexktrum see themselves as perfectly well-informed, thank you very much. How do you convince people who think emotionally, who think in symbol and metaphor, to shed all that and think in facts and logic instead? Answer me that.

Catelli said...

Don't have a clue I will admit.

opit said...

It gets worse. At the risk of being thought 'religious', I am reminded of the story about the chap who thought the splinter impairing his brother's vision should be removed. His was no problem.
It's a bit like this. The Gay Old Party are openly assholes who vote for war. The 'Dems' merely fund appropriations...and are then apologetic about the resulting damage.
Do you suppose the world gives a flying fuck ? They are both warmongers. At least Trump is not busily twisting the beard of Russia - as in noise from some idiots that NATO ought to engage the Russians in the airin Syria.